Telecommunications and Technology

Multicultural consumers have led the growth in smartphone penetration, and they are adopting smartphones at a higher rate than the U.S. average. According to Nielsen, in 2014, Asian Americans lead the U.S. in smartphones ownership, with four out of five (78%) consumers using them. Hispanics are ahead of the curve in adopting digital devices, including smartphones; over three-quarters (77%) use smartphones. and about half said they plan to upgrade or replace their mobile handset within six months. African-Americans are also pioneers of smartphone technology with smart phone ownership at 73%


Mobile technology is changing the way multicultural Americans communicate, socialize and do business. For many, purchasing a smartphone marked their introduction to the Internet, and we have seen unprecedented change over the last few years in terms of their attitudes, usage, and shopping behavior.


At New American Dimensions, we have worked with cell phone companies, telecom providers, retailers and manufacturers to help them keep pace with this remarkable evolution in multicultural consumer behavior, helping them to remain relevant in terms of their brand, the platforms they use to communicate and sell, and the types of products and services they offer. One consistent pattern we have observed is that when it comes to technology, multicultural consumers expect – and are willing to pay for – the most recent and innovative products. Skewing younger than the general population, they are on top of the latest products, and are setting trends in such key areas as social media, new technology adoption, and the use of mobile as a platform for product research, price comparison and e-commerce. Representing about 40 percent of the millennial generation, multicultural consumers are paving the way for others, demanding greater and greater customization and interactivity from the brands they choose to support.


As leaders in multicultural and millennial research, New American Dimensions has conducted scores of studies with companies with the vision and commitment to be at the forefront of the technological curve. We have helped numerous telecommunications companies stay at the top of their game, technology companies discover brand and product opportunities, and countless other companies to ensure that their online brand presence and ecommerce delivery systems are effectively connecting with multicultural consumers of all ages. Our commitment is to partner with our clients, understand their business, and leverage our extensive experience with multicultural consumers to help ensure their success in today’s complex and dynamic marketplace.


The changing demographics of America are changing the way that automotive companies do business. For so many multicultural consumers, a car is so much more than a means of transportation. It is a symbol of accomplishment, a statement of identity, and for many immigrants, an affirmation of the “American dream.” The key to connecting with these consumers is to first understand the strong emotional role that vehicle ownership plays in their lives, and the particular niche that a brand occupies in terms of their families, their psyches, and their lifestyles.


Multicultural consumers often interact with their cars differently than the mainstream. Many immigrants, for example, come to the United States with strong conceptions about vehicle types, models and brands, though these ideas are ever evolving as their lifestyles and exposure to the American market change. Life in America often brings with it the improved economic means to consider brands that in the past were out of reach. Others come to this country without having established credit, and they are in search of automotive companies who recognize their unique financial needs and are willing to develop financial products that are tailored to their individual situations.


At New American Dimensions, we have worked with the top automobile brands to develop product positioning, advertising, financial products and a dealership experience that is tailored to embrace multicultural consumers and establish a relationship that is enduring and committed. Additionally, many of our clients include manufacturers of automotive parts and accessories, service providers, and dealerships with a commitment to multicultural automobile owners.


We have conducted brand trackers, attitude and awareness studies, brand positioning studies, consumer segmentations, car clinics, and focus groups with our clients to help them enter the hearts and minds of their customers, be they actual or potential. Together, we have observed multicultural consumers change their oil, tune-up their engines, and rotate their tires in order to understand the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) automotive experience. We have walked the aisles of automotive parts stores and observed the in-dealership experience for our clients, to garner a firsthand, in-the moment glimpse of consumer behavior in order to discover opportunities for improvement.


As America evolves, so do the needs and demands of multicultural automotive consumers. New American Dimensions has been at the forefront of this change since 2003. With our extensive experience in the automotive industry, we hope to have the opportunity to help you and your brand develop a truly intimate connection with those multicultural consumers who are driving America’s progression into the new millennium.

Financial Services

As multicultural consumers come to occupy a greater and greater proportion of total American wealth and spending power, they are demanding more and more attention from the financial sector, and they represent a fantastic opportunity for growth.


New American Dimensions has extensive experience working with banks, insurance companies, lending institutions, credit card providers, and investment companies, and we have worked with some of the best in the business at making their financial products and services more attractive to multicultural consumers at all ranges of the socio-economic spectrum.


Marketing financial products to multicultural Americans is especially tricky following the devastating impact of the Great Recession on minorities. According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center, in 2014, between 2005 and 2009, Hispanic households lost 66 percent of their wealth and black households lost 53 percent (white households lost 16 percent). However, the worst seems to be behind us, and all but the most skeptical pundits are projecting slow, but steady, growth in the coming years.


Yet multicultural Americans continue to pose unique challenges to financial marketers. For example, each multicultural segment often manifests different financial needs and a distinct way of viewing such factors as risk, reward, and attitudes toward the future. For example, in many immigrant cultures, planning for one's future financial needs sometimes takes a backseat to the expectation that one's family will be a significant source of support during the retirement years. Many immigrants and low income consumers may lack a credit history. LGBT individuals and families frequently face unique anxieties regarding saving, investing, and estate planning, although many of these will likely diminish with the legalization of gay marriage. Getting people to openly discuss their financial situation is often a challenge to marketers, and getting honest and direct feedback is sometimes difficult. At New American Dimensions, we have dozens of projects under our belt, and we have learned how to ask the right questions and correctly interpret the answers. From testing advertising copy to partnering with our clients to develop detailed marketing plans, we offer our financial clients the benefit of our experience, so that they may succeed in an increasingly segmented and diverse marketplace.

Food and Shopping

Marketing prepared food to multicultural consumers can be a challenge, especially if the target consumer is an immigrant, and accustomed to preparing traditional meals from scratch. If the product is one that is familiar to consumers and part of their traditional diet, marketers often find that the biggest competitor is the homemade recipe passed on from generation to generation. For non-traditional foods, there is the additional challenge of convincing moms to add what may be an unfamiliar food to their cooking repertoire.


At New American Dimensions, we have worked with some of the largest food manufacturers in America, as well as niche companies offering a more limited range of products. Additionally, we have garnered years of experience in the Food Service sector. We have helped these companies to develop desirable products, positioning strategies that set them apart from their competitors, packaging that will win garner attention at retail, and communications messages Hispanic moms often present a unique challenge. For the first-generation mom, so often her identity is tied up in offering her family a traditional, home-cooked meal, prepared with fresh ingredients and made with love. More acculturated Hispanic moms often wrestle with the need to balance work and home; in our experience, we find that while they are more driven by convenience, they are often plagued by the guilt that they are not investing the time or energy in meals as their own moms had done.


The first order of business is often to define, very specifically, who the target consumer is. Was she born in the United States? Is she driven more by convenience or authenticity? What products is she currently using to fulfill her mealtime needs? How much is she willing to pay? Next is to get the product right. It is only then that companies should work to develop winning marketing strategies and, ultimately, executions.


New American Dimensions, as a full-service consumer insights company, offers a complete menu of products, both qualitative and quantitative. To obtain qualitative insights, we frequently conduct in-home cooking ethnographies, in-store shop along interviews and traditional focus groups to help our clients understand what makes consumers tick. Additionally, we offer a full range of quantitative services, from market segmentations to brand trackers, from Attitude, Awareness & Usage (AA &U) studies to conjoint analysis. Our goal is to work with you and your budget to ensure your success in the multicultural marketplace.

Health Care

That inequalities in health and healthcare access within the United States are pervasive has been well documented. Health disparities between African Americans, Hispanics and other multicultural populations are striking and apparent in life expectancy, death rates, infant mortality, and other measures of health status and risk conditions and behaviors.

New American Dimensions has decades of collective experience working with pharmaceutical companies, health care providers and professionals, non-profit organizations, and health insurance companies, providing insights to help these organizations better serve multicultural patients and their caregivers. Our research has found that each step of the healthcare process presents distinct challenges. While there are many commonalities between groups -- lack of access to quality healthcare, mistrust or a lack of understanding of the healthcare industry, an over-reliance on emergency room services, and lower rates of compliance -- the underlying causes of health and healthcare challenges are often unique to different multicultural segments. These may be related to demographic factors such as socioeconomics, but they may also be a function of culture. For instance, many multicultural segments are less likely than mainstream patients to seek out preventative care. However, the motivations of each may be different.

African Americans have a long history of exclusion from the healthcare system, and sometimes are mistrustful and skeptical that they will receive high quality care. Hispanic immigrants, on the other hand, might be uncertain how the healthcare system works in the United States or they might be apprehensive because of their legal status in this country. By contrast, LGBT patients are sometimes wary of homophobia or providers who may not possess the sensitivity or knowledge to address their unique concerns. Our expertise resides in helping our clients obtain a holistic understanding of patients and caregivers' challenges, needs and drivers, with a firm grounding in culture. We pride ourselves on equipping our clients with the multicultural intelligence they require, specifically as it pertains to their unique marketing challenges, to be successful in a multicultural environment.