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“Do you know karate?”

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From the “what the hell?” files, comes this painful segment from Fox News.

Watters approaches a number of men and women in the street, some of them elderly residents who do not speak English. He then silently mocks them for their inability to answer his questions—many of which wander from the presidential race to lame caricatures of Asians masquerading as humor.

“Is food in China just food?”

“Do you know karate?”

Toward the end of the clip, when O’Reilly said it appeared that most of the people understood the dynamics of the current election, Watters laughed: “You thought people knew what was going on?”

“They’re such a polite people,” he said, invoking yet another stereotype. “They won’t walk away or tell me to get out of here. They just sit there and don’t say nothing!”

Yeah. This is not The Daily Show, which is actually funny and makes sure the audience is in on the joke when one of their comedy reporters acts like a doofus or interviews a doofus. No, this was meant to be serious.

It is important to note that Fox News is conservative-leaning. This won’t help in bringing Asian-Americans, who, we now see, are moving quickly into the Democratic camp and where Democrat Hillary Clinton holds a 41-point lead over Donald Trump.

Maybe conservative Fox News knows that this group is lost and their aim now is to punish and ridicule them?