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Pew: It’s not just a wealth gap between Blacks and Whites

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On this Martin Luther King Day, we have an analysis of a Pew survey about attitudes about race. Only one of the takeaways of this survey was the wealth gap, which is not terribly surprising:

 Blacks lag behind whites in homeownership, household wealth and median income, among other indicators. And these differences remain even when controlling for levels of education.

What’s most interesting to us is this statistic:

About six-in-ten Americans (61%) say more changes are needed to achieve racial equality; 30% say the country has already made enough changes. There’s a big race gap on this question: 88% of blacks and seven-in-ten Hispanics say more changes are needed for blacks to have equal rights with whites compared with 53% of whites. Some 38% of whites say the necessary changes have been made.

About this issue, Blacks are more pessimistic that the U.S. will make the changes needed than are Whites and Hispanics.

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