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On racial misperceptions and the American dream

There's a fascinating study out of Yale University that shows Americans vastly under-estimate inequality in the U.S., particularly racial disparities. They estimated that Black Americans are 80% as wealthy as White Americans. In fact, blacks are just 5% as wealthy as...

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Why is U.S. Hispanic suicide rate so low?

There is some good news and bad news about suicides in the U.S. Across the country, suicides have increased nearly 30 percent since the turn of the century. That's the bad news.  But there's good news for Hispanics, at least in California. Although Latinos face...

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Moving beyond assumptions, Latino edition

We're always happy to report on multicultural research that someone else has done, especially when they've done it right. That is, a report that's not just strung together observations and assumptions. Gabriel Acevedo, sociology professor at St. Mary’s University in...

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