It’s summer, so you may have been away from the TV and may have seen Proctor and Gamble’s new ad. It’s titled “The Talk,  part of a larger advertising campaign titled “My Black is Beautiful.” The ad, uploaded to YouTube last week, shows black mothers throughout the decades discussing racism with their children. Writing for Salon, Gabriel Bell said the “moving” ad captures “The Talk” every black parent has with their kids:

Yes, it’s a commercial — but damn this journey into the effects of racism is a good one. As they grow up in a nation where almost every system is stacked against them, most black children have had “the talk” with their parents — that moment or series of moments where their mother or father reveals the stakes for African Americans in our country in an attempt to shield them from the effects of institutional racism by explaining and preparing them for it.

But the ad has also generated a firestorm of protest on social media. Its detractors say that not only does the ad have an anti-white message, but that any mention of race, racism, or racial bias is racist.

P&G is choosing to push back against the backlash. And that’s a good thing:

“People were like, ‘Thank you for speaking my truth,'” P&G spokesman Damon Jones told “But, it has been a past interesting couple of days where we’ve seen a few people position the ad quite differently and stoke some fires.”

Those fires include a critique from the right-leaning National Review, which called the ad “identity-politics pandering.”

See the ad here.