It happened again.

It has happened again. In Kent, Washington, a Sikh American was shot on his own driveway by a man who yelled “go back to your country.” This crime echoes the recent murder of two men who had come from India to live and work in Kansas.

Here’s the official statement from the Sikh Coalition:

“While we appreciate the efforts of state and local officials to respond to attacks like this, we need our national leaders to make hate crime prevention a top priority,” said Sikh Coalition Interim Program Manager, Rajdeep Singh. “Tone matters in our political discourse, because this a matter of life or death for millions of Americans who are worried about losing loved ones to hate.”

Here is assessment offered by Jasmit Singh, a leader of the Sikh community in the Seattle region, from CNN:

The Sikh community is shaken and very frustrated at the hate and rhetoric that is being spread today about anyone that looks different, who looks like an immigrant. Based on anecdotal evidence, more and more people are saying inappropriate things to Sikh men, the stigma attached to being a racist has been erased from the community. In the past — in Bush, Obama time — there was swift action and communication saying that this is unacceptable. We aren’t seeing any response from this administration.

The victim in Washington is “out of danger,” after having been wounded in the arm, according to his father. But this won’t be the last such shooting we’ll see in the next few months or weeks, sadly.